Animal Health Companies to Watch Out for – From South America Part-2

As we observe the trends in Animal healthcare market globally, we find that South America is one of the regions which has a lot to offer and is an untapped market compared to the likes of North America and Europe.This article examines the regional animal health care companies in South America which are on the rise and are also potential acquisition targets for animal healthcare market players who want to enter this goldmine, which is South America.Part 1 of the article provides you an insight on the companies Ouro Fino Saude Animal and Biogenesis Bago, considered one of the top animal health organizations in the South American region. The article focused on what Ouro Fino Saude Animal and Biogenesis Bago are doing it right which made them the company to watch out for globally.Part 2 provides you with an insight on other animal healthcare companies to watch out for in the South American region.Third on the list (Following Ouro Fino Saude Animal and Biogenesis Bago) is the Brazilian outlet Vencofarma. It was founded in the year 1986 and is based out of the city of Londrina, Parana State, Brazil. They specialize in manufacturing anti venom vaccines. This company was started as result of Syntex leaving the Brazilian market which created a void in anti-venom serum supplies. This company manufactures vaccines, medicines and provides diagnostic services for both pet and farm animals. The company has a strong presence in the whole of the South American region with operations almost everywhere in South America. They also have operations in some parts of Asia, Middle East and Africa. They are financially strong. They have generated a revenue of $18.5 million for the year 2013. The company expects to generate $22.5 million for the 2014 financial year which shows an increase in revenue by a staggering 19%. They have started to expand their presence to regions such as Russia and USA. They will look out for companies to collaborate so as to have a smooth entry as well as ready access to the markets. So this is an opportunity for the organizations in the markets of USA and Russia to collaborate with Vencofarma which can help them in their entry into the untapped treasure of the animal health market in South America. This surely is a company to watch out for.Next on the list is the Argentinian market player Vetanco. Founded in 1987, Vetanco is headquartered in Buenos Aires operating in more than 40 nations around the world. This company mainly manufacturers’ antibiotics, anticoccidials, parasiticides, probiotics and feed additives for animals. It has a strong presence in the whole of South America and in the developing nations of Asia and Africa. What they are doing it right is that they are constantly innovating and producing great products for the treatment of animal diseases. They have recently launched a new ambifluid benzuron bovine vaccine which stops the growth of the flies in cattle farms. Their activity in the market is considerably good. They have recently started operations in Mexico thereby expanding their Latin American market. They have also successfully registered their products in Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan. This can help them extend their market presence in these regions and neighboring countries gradually. Their products are being sold in Indonesia, Zambia, Slovenia, Egypt and other countries around the globe. At this rate, Vetanco has all what it takes to become a major market player globally in the future. They are looking at opportunities to collaborate with other organizations to extend their global spread. This can be a chance for other players to collaborate and can act as an entry into the South American market.Next on the list is UniĆ£o Quimica Animal Health. Founded in 2000, it is one of the youngest representatives of the Brazilian veterinary market. It is based from the city of Sao Paulo. They specialise in manufacturing pharmaceutical products for both companion and farm animals. Products mainly include antibiotics, anti parasiticides, sedatives, analgesics, Endoparaciticide, and ectoparasiticides and a few others. With a very strong presence in South America as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Brazil, it is constantly looking for opportunities to collaborate with other organizations to expand their presence beyond South America. This company is a probable acquisition target for other companies who plan to penetrate the Brazil animal health market.The trend to be observed in the way these companies operate is that they have good presence in the African market and in some regions of the Asian market which are comparatively less penetrated compared to the likes of North America and Europe.In conclusion it can be said that there are ample opportunities for market players planning to enter the animal health market in South American market and there are a lot of upcoming companies to collaborate or acquire them, thereby providing you a smooth transition while entering the market.

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