Animal Health Companies to Watch Out for – From South America Part-1

Over the years, the animal health care industry has been witnessing robust growth. The market has been on the rise over the past few years, thanks to the growing demand to cater to the needs of animal healthcare (both companion and farm animals) that was ignored previously when compared with the likes of human health. This ignorance resulted in a situation, where diseases affecting the animals grew exponentially and proper healthcare measures for animals were limited. This has resulted in a movement where organizations all around the world witnessed the immense need to cater to the needs of animal health, which became a huge prospect financially.Currently the animal health market in the developed nations is on the verge of stagnation due to a lot of mergers and acquisition activity and complete penetration of the market by the major players in these regions. This has led to a situation where the animal healthcare companies have started looking to high potential markets. This apart, the unmet demand and favorable government policies has made companies to look into promising markets such as South America, a market with huge potential and unlimited opportunities.In this article we provide you with information regarding the leading animal healthcare companies in South America that are performing well and are potential acquisition targets for leading healthcare companies in the world who are planning to enter the South American animal health care market.Think of this article as a scouting report for some of the animal healthcare companies in South America.First on the list of companies to watch out for is the Brazilian company ‘Ouro Fino Saude Animal’. It is considered to be one of the top animal healthcare companies in Brazil. They manufacture healthcare products for animals which include antimicrobials, anti-parasites, vaccines, vitamin supplements, antibiotics, probiotics, etc. They have a major presence in the South American and Latin American market with operations in Africa and some parts of Asia. Recently they have been in the news for they have started their first IPO in a bid to raise capital for business expansion. This was the first IPO in Brazil in 2014. This IPO was a success despite the economic and political uncertainties in Brazil. They were able to generate nearly $170 million through the IPO offering which they will be using it for expanding their product inventory. They are a stable company. They recorded a 19.92% increase in the revenue for 2013 and clocked $152 million in turnover. Considering their presence in the African market, this company is a very good target for acquisition.Next on the list is the Argentinian animal health company ‘Biogenesis Bago’. Founded in 2006 and based out of Garin, Argentina, it is one of the leading South American animal healthcare companies with presence in the regions of Brazil, Central America, Bolivia, Uruguay and others. They manufacture biological and pharmaceutical products for farm animals. They are considered experts in the field of Food and Mouth Vaccines (FMD Vaccines). At the time of 2006, Biogenesis Bago was the only Latin American market player to be rewarded with an approval by the North American FMD Vaccines to cater the needs of the North American region (USA, Canada and Mexico). They have been looking out for opportunities to expand their market globally. They have offered their services in China by providing FMD vaccines. They have set up operations in Yangling in collaboration with HILE biotechnology, a company that produces vaccines for swine and poultry. This is the first Non- Chinese Company to produce vaccines in China and the second Argentinian company to have operations in China. This company is a very hot prospect in the animal health market. It can either make its way through the animal health care market on a global arena or it can collaborate with other companies outside the South American region to expand their business and an opportunity for others who want to enter the South American animal health market. This company is one to watch out for as it is set to reach great heights in the future.(This article is Part 1 of the two series article based on “Animal Health companies to watch out for- South America).